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Sumeet N.

Author, Speaker, & Consultant. 

Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Engineering.

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Weekly, technical food for thought

With 13+ years of experience in tech domain, at Let's Do Tech I organise my knowledge base and document the journey forward.

Apart from the topics mentioned on the side, I publish free and paid resources to help anyone who is keen on keeping themselves updated with latest news, and growing further as a tech professional.

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Cloud-Native Architecture

I primarily write about cloud-native architecture, covering topics like creating and managing SaaS products on cloud platforms. My articles delve into innovative methods for designing automated and cost-effective architectural solutions.

New Tech & Tools

Exploring emerging tools in the cloud-native landscape interests me. I delve into the latest technologies and solutions that are shaping the cloud-native ecosystem, providing insights and documentation on their practical applications and benefits.

Developer Productivity

A skilled architect codes hands-on. I'm an active backend developer who writes micro-services in Go, JavaScript, and occasionally Python. While adhering to best practices in software development is important, comprehending the broader context is a distinct skill, and I document my experiences in this regard.

Tech News & Opinions

Sharing my viewpoints on the most recent advancements in cloud and DevOps is a key area of interest. I offer insights and analysis on the latest developments in these fields, providing informed perspectives on their implications and potential impact on the industry.


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Let's Do Tech, is more than a newsletter

Writing, is not the only thing I do. Perhaps, I would not have been able to write all of this without real-world experiences.

The topics I discuss in the blog posts often digress for good, in an attempt to present the real world situations and scenarios.

I develop SaaS products and also get involved in various engagements, which enable me to gain this crucial experience that I share in this newsletter.

Having said that, I am open for a bi-directional communication with everybody - developers and organisations alike.

If there is a way for me to help you in anyway, please feel free to reach out


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