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Guest Posts

How to Build AWS VPC using Terraform – Step by Step
How to Manage Terraform S3 Backend – Best Practices

In this post, we will delve into using AWS S3 buckets as the remote backend for Terraform and explore the best practices around it. There are multiple options available as far as the remote backend for Terraform configuration is concerned. Each remote backend provides an array of features to manage these state files very efficiently. However, the core purpose remains the same.

AWS Cost Optimization – Best Practices and Tools

In this post, we explore cloud cost optimization strategies and best practices for cost-efficient utilization of cloud resources.

What is Terraform? Learn Terraform and Infrastructure as Code

Terraform is a tool that helps you manage various cloud infrastructure services in the form of code. You codify your infrastructure, and so it's also known as Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

How to Manage Multiple Terraform Environments Efficiently

In this post, we discuss various aspects of managing multiple environments using Terraform. Typically we define our infrastructure as code using Terraform. Then using the Terraform CLI, we create the specified infrastructure components in the cloud platforms of our choice.

Terraform Validate Command – Validate Configuration Locally
Learn Basic Terraform Syntax in 20 minutes

To help you learn the syntax, we'll go through an example and I'll teach you the most important parts of the Terraform configuration language (which is called HCL - the HashiCorp Configuration Language). Then we'll build out some infrastructure as code (IaC) to see it in action.

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