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Migrating from .dev to .ch

I may sound stupid in this post. But I just want this to be out there.

Long time ago in 2019, I had thought of getting a new domain name which said "Let's Do Tech". I like this sentence as it talks about doing - performing action - not just talking - the thing that I love to do. Tech stuff.

Not that I did not own any other domains before that. I am very well versed with domain ownership and the DNS management around it.

For some reason, I thought - with a TLD of .dev - would be the right choice as .dev belonged to the "dev community". But to be honest, it wasn't really fitting into the context.

Whenever I talk to people about LDT - short for Let's Do Tech - there was no "dev" in there. It wasn't like LDTD. Even if it was, it would have sounded a bit weird.

I managed to register a new domain - - with .ch as TLD today. And I think this is much better. Obviously, this has now triggered me to migrate from, to

This is going to be one major change in coming weeks. Or may be months. Months, because there is a reason. I am looking to deploy my blog in a very serverless manner on AWS. So I will be spending some efforts to explore and deploy my CMS along with few dynamic elements like contact me form, restricted content, newletter features, etc.

I know this will again break my links and online digital reputation. But I think I am still at a point where this would not impact much on that front. However, I will be saving tons with respect to the hosting charges for sure. Of course, cannot miss the well defined swag of LDT.

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