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Onwards and upwards! 📈

I know, I have been away since a long time, and I apologise for the same. A lot happened in the last 6 months - lets just call it life.

But before I say anymore, I thank you all for being part of my virtual family.

No matter what, I am not bogged down, and I still look forward to serving content with new enthusiasm. This time, with new structure and plan.

You have all the rights to say - New plan? Really? How many more plans are down the line?

Its almost like my life’s mission to me. There are a very few things I care about, and Tech is one of them. I promise, I will keep this update very crisp.

Amongst other things, since I had anyway stopped personal blogging, I took it as an opportunity to plan a few things out. I built the plan around what I had always wanted to do. The good part is - the dream is still alive.

So, what has happened till now, otherwise?

  1. We finally have the LDT branding in place. I am open for merch, if enough of you show interest.

  2. Delivered a few guest-posts for Spacelift. I have been associated with them, and I am very thankful for the opportunities they have provided. I will share more details in the next newsletter - so please make sure to subscribe!

  3. Restructured all my domains. My personal website acts as an index to everything I do.

  4. I will be decommissioning “” soon. I have moved to since then. I too get attracted to fancy stuff sometimes!

  5. I have taken up serverless and AI seriously. Meaning, I spend most of my spare time either learning or building products using these.

  6. So, as an experiment, I did start with converting my personal website into a serverless app. However, and I am not sad, I stopped due to a few reasons.

  7. I had learnt my lessons.

  8. I had another product priority (more details in upcoming newsletters)

  1. I have moved by blog to Substack, and so, I have also conveniently moved all of you here. If you do not wish to receive my emails, please feel free to unsubscribe.

  2. I have chosen a platform to deliver resources in the form of booklets and courses - and that’s Gumroad. More details, or if anything changes, will be communicated in the newsletter.

What is currently on the counter top?

  1. I am creating a backlog for the product.

  2. Implementing landing pages for LDT and the product.

  3. Preparing wireframes for frontend.

  4. Making the resources I previously shared on “” be available on Gumroad or

Hey, so the point is - subscribe to my newsletter ASAP and also invite your friends if you think they would be interested. How to know? - Check the About section here.

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