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Some updates from LDT! ☕

This is the last newsletter of this month, and I would like to take this opportunity to provide you guys with some updates about the plans regarding the same in upcoming months. I have been doing a bit of organising and thinking about how can I provide more value in your email inbox.


To being with, I have realised the importance of having a schedule for these emails, and to give that schedule a meaning - I am introducing Themes.

As you may have realised by now, my emails usually land in the morning hours every Monday. That remains the same. However, starting from September I will be sending out emails related to a particular topic. This topic will be discussed in progression throughout the period of a month or two.

Themes define the topic of the month, wherein I will share curated and crisp insights about frequently used and most relevant aspects of the Theme.

For example, I will begin discussing various aspects of Go Programming Language with respect to various architectural usecases, patterns, frameworks, etc. I found so many important topics for Go, that I decided to run this theme for 2 months.

These newletters will be code-less, but architecture and business oriented - enough to give food for thought for the rest of the week.

It is not just about programming languages, I plan to explore various topics in Cloud, DevSecOps, and Serverless domains. Additionally, I will also be running themes covering upcoming projects in CNCF landscape. I am also open for suggestions from YOU - if you want me to cover a specific Theme topic, I would be glad to do so. Next sections will point at a way to get in touch with me for the same.

Social Media

This is a brand new addition. I have decided to create short-form content on various social media platforms - all links here. These short-form content will be multiple mini-deep-dives in the topic being discussed in that particular week. There will NOT be any overlap in the information shared in the newsletter and the short-form content.

The intension here is to spend the week’s time in understanding various aspects of the topic at hand in that particular week. Feel free to follow along if you wish and invite a few friends!


I’m also announcing a brand new addition to my Substack publication: the Let's Do Tech chat.

This is a conversation space in the Substack app that I set up exclusively for you all — kind of like a group chat or live hangout. I’ll post short prompts, thoughts, and updates that come my way, and you can jump into the discussion.

To join this chat, you’ll need to download the Substack app, now available for both iOS and Android. Chats are sent via the app, not email, so turn on push notifications so you don’t miss conversation as it happens.

Imp! If the chat gets too busy, I will be restricting the ability to start the threads only to paid subscribers. All of us can still continue to contribute then.

How to get started

  1. Download the app by clicking this link or the button below. Substack Chat is now available on both iOS and Android.

Get app

  1. Open the app and tap the Chat icon. It looks like two bubbles in the bottom bar, and you’ll see a row for my chat inside.

  2. That’s it! Jump into my thread to say hi, and if you have any issues, check out Substack’s FAQ.

Join chat


That is about it for now. There will be more updates in upcoming weeks. The format of the newsletter would be:

  1. Announcements and updates (if any)

  2. The Theme topic post

  3. Curated list of top 3 news in Cloud, DevSecOps, and Serverless (in progress)

Sumeet N.

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